Top 10 Best Sex Tips Ever! Part 1

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Top 10 Best Sex Tips Ever! Part 1

Sex is one of those activities that people can unfortunately get a bit tired of because it has become so routine. This shouldn’t happen as sex is supposed to be an exciting event every time you participate in it. For those that have been in a long term relationship your sex life is bond to become a bit boring as you both feel that you are doing the exact same moves for the last couple of years. You might be very well doing so and for that of course you both are bored with it. If you are at this point then you need to continue reading to see all the ways you can spice up your sex life!

Sex Tip #1: Have Sex In The Bath Tub

Have your guy sit down on the bath tub with the water only waist high. If he is too tall to straighten out his legs this is okay as he can simply bend his legs slightly to a comfortable height. You can then get on top of him facing his feet and tuck your legs to his side. Then all you have to do is ride him till you both cum with excitement. Don’t forget to bring out the candles and play some music if you want to make this experience more romantic.

Sex Tip #2: Let Your Man Know He Is Lucky To Have You

Sometimes you have to let your man know that he is one lucky son of a gun to have you by his side and in his bed. What you need to do is wear your sexiest outfit when you two head out as this will remind him how hot you really are. All the other guys are going to be drooling over you and your man can be proud that he is the only one that can have you.

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Sex Tip #3: Have His Penis Touch You All Over

There are tons of ways to get the party started and you can do your part by rubbing his penis in your inner thighs, breast, nipples, lips, etc. The point of using other body parts instead of your hands is to arouse your man. He is going to be dying for you to use your hands, mouth and of course shoving himself deep inside of you. This type of teasing is really going to get you both into the mood so quickly.

Sex Tip #4: Learn To Kiss More

Couples in long term relationships completely forget about kissing and I am not talking about the 2 second kiss you give each other when either of you are leaving for work in the morning. I am talking about that passionate 10-15 second kiss you use to give one another countless of times when you first got together. Kissing is such an intimate act between two people and lots of couples forget this simple thing. They might have sex and completely forget about the spark and intimacy they once shared.

Sex Tip #5: Open Your Eyes

There is really no reason you should have your eyes closed during the entire time you are having sex. You should be able to enjoy every aspect of connecting with your partner. Try kissing with your eyes opened and then work yourselves up to keeping them open the entire time you are getting it on. You will see a huge difference on how your bodies connect when you have eye contact.

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Sex is extremely important in relationships and if your relationship is lacking sex then you both need to sit down and talk about what in the world is going on. Ladies, learn about the 10 Ways To Turn On A Man and bring sexy back into your bedrooms. Make sure you all come back next week to read about the rest of the Top 10 Best Sex Tips Ever!