5 Mind Blowing Foreplay Moves He Will Enjoy

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5 Mind Blowing Foreplay Moves He Will Enjoy

In a relationship sex is definitely important, but how you get there is too. Many people forget about the race up to the finish line and simply just make their way over. Foreplay is extremely important in relationships and foreplay can definitely at any part of the day and anywhere. It doesn’t have to be in the bedroom or even your home. There are other places to experience and enjoy foreplay before the main event later on. Here are 5 Mind Blowing Foreplay Moves He Will Enjoy:

  1. Tease him by wearing your sexiest lingerie outfit by only showing him a sneak peek of it underneath your clothes. Continue flashing him different parts of your outfit throughout the day or night. Once you are both home he is going to be ready to get it on.
  2. Pull him aside into a hallway or a corner of a restaurant, friend’s house, party, bar, or whatever outing you both are enjoying at the moment and have one hell of an intense yet quick make out session. During this make out session you both should be extremely close to one another and even run your hands all over each other’s bodies.
  3. You both are lying in bed about to go to sleep, but you excuse yourself to the bathroom. Make sure you take your cell phone with you so you can text him that you had played with yourself a bit while in the bathroom because you were thinking about him.
  4. You both are at a Christmas party for work or at a friend’s house. This is your moment to suck on a few candy cane and then kiss him on his nipples, neck, or lips which will give him a tingly sensation that will leave him anticipating your arrival back at home for sex.
  5. Let him know while you are out in public that you are doing your kegel muscles as you want to feel tight for his penis later that day or night. He is going to become very anxious to rush home, but let him wait a little longer before heading home.
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The point of foreplay is to build up the anticipation for the main event that will be happening later. Learn what turns on your partner and always aim to please them. It’s all about having a great sex life that you and your partner will enjoy throughout your relationship. If you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life then you should read about how the Sex Toy Industry Is Blooming In 2012.