10 Sex Tricks To Add To Your Sex Life

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10 Sex Tricks To Add To Your Sex Life

Over the years of continuously getting it on you can easily let go of the passion and that’s okay because it happens to us all. The most important thing to remember is that you can bring it all back if you really want too. It’s all about learning a few different moves and incorporating it into your sex life. It’s not hard at all to do and once you do it you are going to see a huge improvement in your bedroom. All of the moves that are going to be discussed are not only supposed to drive you crazy, but it will also drive your partner insane.

10 Sex Tricks To Add To Your Sex Life:

1. Have sex on top of the washing machine. When couples do this move the woman is usually the one sitting on top at the edge while the man is thrusting inside of her. This time try having the man sit on top of the washer machine and the woman gets on top with her legs wrapped around him. The vibrations will transfer all the way up through his penis giving the woman a real life vibrator.

2. Place a pillow under the woman’s butt. By doing this the woman is giving the man a much better angle for his penis and body to rub up against her clitoris. This extra rubbing will definitely allow her to reach and orgasm more often than not.

3. Use erotic colors. The use of certain colors such as violet, red and dark blue are considered erotic colors because they bring out more passion and lust when they are around.

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4. Talk during oral sex. When a man is going down on a woman he should talk to her while licking her clitoris as his voice will send vibrations to her clitoris which will make her cum a lot sooner.

5. Eat certain foods for better tasting spunk. Most women don’t mind swallowing cum only when the cum tastes good. For better tasting spunk men should eat peppermint, lemon, cinnamon and cardamom.

6. Avoid certain foods to prevent bad tasting spunk. There are some foods that man need to stay away from if he wants his cum to be swallowed. Asparagus, onions, curry and garlic will make his spunk taste absolutely horrible.

7. Use jewelry for foreplay. This might sound odd at first, but if a woman has pearls or necklace made of beads these are the perfect masturbating toys. First, rub lubricate all over the man’s shaft, wrap the jewelry around it and then move it up and down. This will drive him crazy.

8. Take car sex to another level. Drive the car out in the field or some open place with lots of nature all around. Open the sunroof and have the woman sit at the edge of it with her legs still hanging inside of the car. The man now licks her up till she has an orgasm and then switch positions, so the man can have an orgasm as well.

9. Use cold grapes for foreplay. Make sure to put some grapes in the freezer and once they are ready both partners can use the frozen grapes to trace each other’s nipples and other sensitive areas. This will drive you both absolutely insane.

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10. Use mints for oral sex. Using mints will add more sensation while giving oral sex. The mints will give the private parts a tingly feeling that will make the oral sex that much better.

Now, that you know about a few sex tricks it is time that you add it to your sex life. What if you don’t have a sex life? What are you waiting for? Join Fling right now to find a sex with a person of interest right now.