Rules for Having Great Outdoor Sex

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Rules for Having Great Outdoor Sex

What does everyone enjoy doing during the summer? They like to get outdoors and enjoy nature. What goes perfectly with the outdoors? The answer to that question is sex. Outdoors sex is exciting, risky and darn right arousing. The risk of getting caught or seen by someone is what makes the sex that more interesting. The summer is almost over, so it’s best that you go on and fit as much outdoor sex you possibly can before the weather begins to get cooler.

Having outdoor sex is definitely fun, but you also should know about the 6 rules to outdoor sex as this will help your first time experience go a lot smoother. Continue reading to see all the things you need to know about having sex outdoors.

Become knowledgeable about the risks.

Basically, outdoor sex is a form of public sex, but at the end of the day you don’t want to get arrested because you wanted some nookie during the day. Make sure that you don’t have sex in any open places that you know that lots of people and families go through or hang out at. The excitement of getting caught should be slim to none, plus you don’t want to traumatize any children in the process of you getting some.

Wear the correct attire to engage in outdoor sex.

It’s best not to get completely naked while in public, but women should either wear a dress or skirt and forget about wearing underwear. This will make it easier for the man to slip inside and do his thing. Plus, no one wants to get caught with their pants down to their ankles, because that would be a bit embarrassing. Usually guys just wear shorts or jeans that they can easily unzip and pull out their private part.

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Bring a blanket or towel with you.

Make sure that you bring a blanket or towel with you, because lets be honest, no one wants to get a bunch of dirt, grass, sand or little living creatures in parts of their body that they surely do not belong in. Plus, having a blanket to lay down on will definitely be a bit more enjoyable and comfortable for both people involved.

Make sure to do it in a shady area.

If the sun is out and it’s absolutely beaming, then make sure to get hot and heavy in an area with some shade. If you decide not too, then be prepared for certain areas of your body, like your butt, to get a bit sunburned. If you want to avoid that then make sure to put some sunblock on those types of areas before your little thrusting action session. The best time to put the sunblock on would be during the few minutes that you are either alone or at your home before heading out to the outdoors. If you bring out the sunblock during a heated moment of making out that would just completely ruin the moment.

Always use protection.

Just because you are having wild outdoor sex doesn’t mean that you don’t have to practice safe sex. There is no reason why you shouldn’t want to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy or some sort of STI or STD with your fling of the moment. Plus, it’s easier and less messy when it comes to cleaning up after yourself. There will definitely and most likely no clean water for you and your partner to go clean up after yourselves, so always remember to pack and bring condoms.

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Don’t leave any evidence behind.

After your sexy love making outdoors make sure that you clean up after yourselves and do not leave any evidence of the naughty things that went on at that particular spot. There is no reason for others to know what you were doing and if you keep it clean, then you will always have a spot to come back to for some more adult fun.

If you are planning on having sex when it is a bit chilly outside either during the day or at night there are a couple of other things that you should keep in mind. Make sure to bring a sleeping bag or bags, which you can zip the two together to make a larger sleeping bag, because this will definitely keep your bodies warm. Set up a small fire, so that you and your partner don’t become too cold in which that could completely kill the mood of having outdoor sex.