Things Women Don’t Want To Hear In The Bedroom

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Things Women Don't Want To Hear In The Bedroom

When you are having sex with a woman sometimes you get completely caught up in the moment that you slip up and say something that doesn’t sit too well with her. Now she is upset with you and blames you for completely ruining the moment. You definitely don’t want this to happen do you? Of course not, so for this not to occur again you need to learn what you shouldn’t do.

Here are the Things Women Don’t Want To Hear In The Bedroom:

1. Calling Out Another Woman’s Name: Ultimately this is simply a wrong move to do and even if it’s by accident you shouldn’t be thinking about another woman while you are having sex with your current woman. She is going to be very upset with you and you might be sleeping on the couch or in the dog house for some time. Just remember to be very apologetic and let her know it was completely a mistake.

2. Mentioning How Your Ex Use To Love The Way You Did Something: You don’t need to mention your ex at any point of the relationship and let alone during sex. Your current girlfriend doesn’t give a damn about what your ex was into sexually nor about how your ex enjoyed your “special” move. Simply don’t mention your ex.

3. Don’t Say “Come to Papa” or “Who’s Your Daddy?”: No woman in her write mind wants to be a sexually involved with her man for him to utter those words to her which instantly makes her think of her own father. It’s not cool. Don’t do it.

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4. Don’t Make Insulting Comments: If a woman is sleeping with you for the first time make sure that right after the sex you don’t say an insulting comment. Don’t say anything like “Thanks for the sex” or “That was a ton of fun,” because you are going to make her feel like she is just another number in your black book.

5. Don’t Make Her Go Quiet: If she is getting loud that means that you are doing something great! Don’t tell her to turn it down a notch because you are going to make her feel like crap about her vocals during sex.