7 Nerd Fantasy Sex Scenarios You Will Want to Try

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7 Nerd Fantasy Sex Scenarios You Will Want to Try

Let’s face it, when you think about sex, the last thing that comes to mind is a “nerd”. Most people would associate them with pocket protectors and quadratic equations, but definitely not the opposite sex.

However, if you really sit down and think about it, who fantasies about having sex more than a nerd? Whether it’s an interplanetary hook-up or swashbuckling their way to save the damsel in distress, geeks and nerds can actually come up with some pretty elaborate and steamy situations. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 7 nerd sex scenarios that you’ll want to try for yourself. So, no matter if your pimp hand is as strong as Don Magic Juan or you have as much luck with the ladies as Lewis Skolnick, these fantasies are sure to help your “game”.

7 – Mario Finds the Princess

Remember when you finally got to the damn castle and the princess wasn’t there? Dress up as Mario while your girl plays the princess and give it to her like the mushroom-eating Italian you are. For extra points, play as Luigi.

6 – Spiderman & Mary Jane

Remember when Peter Parker was finally going to marry Mary Jane, but Venom came in and trashed the place? No? You’re no nerd! Play “Spiderman seduces Mary Jane” and hang upside down in your bedroom while spraying webs all over the walls.

5 – Anime

What can be more of a turn-on than pink pig-tails and a mini-skirt? Whether it’s as simple as “Sailor Moon” or as sophisticated as “Cowboy Bebop”, anime girls are always better in real life.

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4 – Superman & Lois Lane

Okay, who hasn’t thought of this one? The question is, can Superman control his Supersperm? Will Lois survive? Only time will tell.

3 – Game of Thrones

You have to be a real nerd to pull off this scenario. The Lanesters, the Starks, the Baratheons… Forget it. Unless you’ve seen every episode twice, you might as well pass on this one.

2 – Star Trek (Captain Kirk & The Alien Girl or Ohura)

Not only was Captain Kirk the first person to kiss an alien, but he was also one of the first persons to perform an interracial kissing scene on TV; with Ohura, of course.

1 – Star Wars (Princess Leia & Jabba the Hutt)

The #1 spot goes to Starwars, obviously. Not only was Princess Leia the hottest thing around in 1983, but the fact that you can buy her outfit online at any time is a huge plus! Just don’t forget that it’s okay to be Jaba the Hutt or even Han, but not Luke.