5 Things Not To Text To A Woman

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5 Things Not To Text To A Woman

These days it’s all about technology and using that as a form of communication. The thing is there are still men out there making simple mistakes when it comes to dating and interacting with women. They believe that they can say whatever they like and that a woman is just to sit there and take it. It’s definitely not the 40s and 50s anymore. Sadly, there are some guys who feel that since everyone texts he could use the text messaging system as a way to impress and “woo” a woman. This is definitely not the smart way of communicating with a woman of interest.

Take a look at the 5 Things Not To Text To A Woman:

1. Asking her on a first date through a text.

There is absolutely no reason why a man should ask a woman out on a first date through a text message. Anytime a man wants to ask a woman out it should be done in person or at least through a phone call. If a man does this he is absolutely taking out the romance and excitement that goes into being asked out and going out on a first date.

2. Sending way too many texts during a single time frame.

If a guy sends a text to a woman and she hasn’t replied quickly the guy shouldn’t panic. He should also not send several more texts her way. He should allow her to have some time to send a reply, because she might be busy with work or something has her attention at that moment. If a guy sends too many texts in a short amount of time this will show the woman that he is too eager and controlling.

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3. Sending inappropriate texts early on.

Getting too sexual and freaky early on through text messaging will certainly send the woman running the other way. The reason she is running the other way is because the guy is making her think that the only thing he wants from her is sex. If a man does this, then his chances of having a successful dating experience will be greatly limited.

4. Trying to have a conversation through text.

This is definitely annoying and difficult in the first place. There is no reason to have a full blown conversation through text messaging. If the man has a lot to say, then he should just call the woman up instead of wasting her time texting back and forth. It’s certainly not the best way to get to know her.

5. Texting just to text.

There is no point in sending pointless texts to a woman, especially during the day. She might be busy with work or running errands. It’s okay to send a woman a text saying “How are you doing?” or “What’s up?” but only do that once. Do not send similar texts to her throughout the day just to get her attention.

Gentlemen, make sure you don’t make these simple texting mistakes that could potentially ruin a perfect relationship just waiting to come about. I know it’s hard not to want to talk to someone that you are totally digging, but sometimes you have to pull back and give that person some much needed space.