How to be a naughty wife to your husband

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How to be a naughty wife to your husband

Naughty wife

When marriage gets boring and the relationship is at a sexual stand still it is important to do something about it! Most women in the United States have the power to put back the passion into their marriage and learn how to become a naughty wife in a fun way. This is where you become your husband’s mistress, lover, and sex kitten. Why not at least try, it will be fun for you and your husband will not be able to keeps his hands off of you!

Many times a woman will control the ebb and flow of a marriage along with the sex, frequency and passion. When a woman can take back control of the marriage and heat up the passion in the bedroom she will create a stronger bond between husband and wife.

Feeling sexy from within

The other aspect about being a naughty wife is to start to feel sexy about yourself. When a woman feels sexy about herself she will generate that energy to her husband.

The best way to start is to tell herself that see is sexy and to put on that dress and heels and go out and walk around feeling like women again . Purchase some new panties and a bra that lifts your breast, a bra that fits well does wonders for a woman’s body and self image. Start feeling sexy from within, begin to move and exercise your own body, take a yoga class or go for some walks or hikes. Eat healthier food and take notice in what you put in your mouth and how you are eating. Begin to feel the sexy come from within you and radiate out again.

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Becoming the naughty wife

So what is a naughty wife? That will depend on the relationship that the spouse has together and what she thinks may turn her husband on and what she likes too. Some men like it when their wife’s puts on sexy lingerie, and high heels. Other men enjoy different sexual positions or their wife talking dirty to them.

The best place to start is over dinner and a glass of wine, and ask your husband in a seductive tone what his fantasy would be, get him to open up and talk about it with you rather than someone else. Let him know that you want to be his fantasy and what he wants you to do for him, as long as you are comfortable with it.

Do this for you too

Put all of these practices into play and then try them on your husband, seduce your man, and be his naughty wife. One last tip is to get some fantastic hot oil and massage his shoulders along with other body parts and make it a night that he won’t soon forget!

What you are doing as a woman is using your womanly gifts to make your husband happy and create a deeper loving connection with him. This not about doing something that you don’t want to do or feel uncomfortable with but something that you both want to do and have fun with.

That is the one thing about marriage that is so special, is that you can do those naughty womanly things and still be considered a lady. You are doing them with your husband, who will adores you and hopefully see’s that the girl he once married and fell in love with is now his hot fuck buddies.

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