Hooking Up : Being Single vs Being Married

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Hooking Up : Being Single vs Being Married

Being married vs. being single: It’s all a matter of what suits you best.  Those who are happily paired off will always espouse the benefits of the institution, while those who are loving the independent lifestyle have their own advantages to share.

However, we all know there’s one area in which benefits can be measurably compared–and that’s money, of course. There are plenty of studies out there looking into the economic factors of marital status in terms of things like taxes, housing, and raising a family. So, how about we take a look at what the dollar signs add up to in the specific arena of sex?

Being Single: The Benefits

Let’s start out with the positives. The main sexual positive for a single person lies not in the wallet, but in the sheer variety the non-monogamous lifestyle affords. That said, there are also these financial bonuses.

  • Singles don’t have to consider their impact on a family unit, which means their livelihood is theirs alone–no educational expenses for potential children, no supporting a non-working spouse.
  • On this note, they don’t need to worry about life insurance, either.
  • With housing being the biggest expense for most Americans, many singles do fine in a smaller (i.e., less expensive) housing situation.
  • This leads to a lot more discretionary income to use on dates and sexual exploration.

The Expensive Part of Single-hood

All that freedom does come with a cost, however. Here are a few points to consider that may strain the budget:

  • Plain and simple: Singles go on dates. Whether you’re a man or a woman, that means you’re shelling out bucks at a rapid rate. Although many men still take the traditional route of paying for expensive dinners, movies, and cocktails, women have been increasingly stepping up to do their equal share.
  • Singles need to go out to meet other singles. Which, again, means you’ll be paying a premium. A couple drinks at the local hotspot, cover charge to a party…all of these things can add up quickly to give your wallet a bruising.
  • When singles go out, they need to look sharp to attract those hotties. Studies have found that singles spend much more money on fitness, as well as new clothing, than married couples.
  • Both married and single find themselves faced with birth control costs. However, condoms are an absolute must for those practicing non-monogamous safe sex. At the drugstore, a pack of condoms can run in the range of 75 cents to a dollar apiece; luckily, there are outlets devoted to condom sales in which one can buy a bulk amount for much cheaper. (Keep in mind: The average shelf life of a condom is 4 years, so make sure you’ll use all 1,000 of those bad boys in time!)
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Being Married: The Benefits

The non-monetary plus of being married is pretty simple: There’s a sex partner ready and waiting for you whenever you want…no effort involved. Also, as examined above in the “singles” section, it becomes clear that there are many cost advantages to being married.

  • Spicing up your Saturday night can be extremely cost effective as part of a married couple. Most cable services offer on-demand adult entertainment at a nominal cost; free porn abounds on the Internet. Cocktails mixed at home taste just as good as those at the bar, and great bottle of California red can be had for less than $20.
  • While it’s nice to have your own space, it’s also nice to have your sex partner split the rent with you. Two married and working adults will find themselves in much healthier financial straits due to sharing the cost of housing.
  • Now, now, don’t get upset–we know there are plenty of married couples out there who work out (and hide their Nordstrom charges from their spouses!), but it’s a proven fact that once you’re married, chances are much greater that you’ll give yourself and each other a little slack in the appearance department. That means you can cut the gym bill if you wish, and not have to shop for the latest trendy outfits for Saturday nights.

The Expensive Part of Marriage

Sure, there’s plenty of talk about concrete savings when married. But looking specifically at the love and sex side of things, here’s where the dollars add up.

  • “Dates” may be cheap when one is married, but the sum cost of maintaining a committed relationship can be quite costly in the long run. Although none of these items are mandatory to support a successful marriage, they are all popular and common enough to note.
  • It starts with the diamond solitaire. Three months’ salary, guys. Add in the cost of a wedding, and there are a few thousand bucks you’ll be kissing goodbye.
  • Once committed, there’s no going back to a casual “Happy BD” text on that special person’s day. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mothers/Fathers Day, and Christmas/Chanukah all require real gifts.
  • Relationships require a lot of time, and time is money. There’s also the potential cost of therapy, as well as all those deluxe vacations you’ll likely be saving for together.
  • And, the obvious: You may save on condoms, but most married couples end up producing something from all that lovely, effort-free sex. The average cost of raising one child from birth to age 18 is $241,080, according to Forbes.  And that doesn’t even include college costs!
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