5 Facts About Orgasms

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5 Facts About Orgasms

Earlier this week we discussed the 5 Myths About Orgasms and today we are going to talk about the 5 Facts About Orgasms. These are topics that every person should know because as discussed before the more you know about your body and orgasms the more you will be able to achieve mind blowing sex. Who doesn’t want to have great sex? If you ask anyone if they would like to improve their sex life almost about 99% of the people would say yes. Sex is very important for couples and people in general to continue having a great and stress free life.

1. For women it takes time and could be sometimes difficult to have an orgasm. Many women cannot have an orgasm solely from vaginal intercourse. Women need to experiment with different pressures and rhythms on their clitoris to see what works for them. Plus, the use of a couple’s vibrator will most definitely help.

2. You are most likely to experience mind blowing orgasms with a long term partner opposed to a one night stand. When people are in long term relationships they have already built up a trust and openness with their partners that allow them to also be open sexually. When you are relaxed and completely confident in your partner you will experience amazing orgasms.

3. Extragenital Orgasms do happen for some women. What this means is that a woman can experience an orgasm without any physical contact. These types of orgasms are rare, but happen when a woman is fantasizing or it can come all of the sudden just by doing regular every day activity. When this occurs it can actually be quite embarrassing and problematic for women who experience this on a daily basis.

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4. Certain foods when consumed can help aid in experiencing wild orgasms. There are some foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates such as poultry, dairy, eggs and fish can help release testosterone, which controls the sexual desires in women. Of course, there are other foods such as dark chocolate that are considered libido-boosting foods.

5. Using condoms actually help women achieve orgasms. Condoms provide extra lubricate for the women and allows men to last longer in bed. When the man lasts longer it gives the women a few extra minutes to work towards having an orgasm.

Now that you know about the facts of having orgasms it is time to make sure your partner is completely satisfied in the bedroom.