Top 10 Best Sex Tips Ever! Part 2

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Top 10 Best Sex Tips Ever! Part 2

You are now reading the second part of the Top 10 Best Sex Tips Ever article and for the second part we will continue with the sex tips starting number six and ending at ten. Just to refresh your mind about last week’s Top 10 Best Sex Tips Ever! Part 1, we covered having sex in the bath tub, telling your man he should be happy to have you, use his penis to touch you all over, kiss more and open your eyes during sex. Getting it on has to be enjoyable for both parties and that is why following these sex tips will help your intimacy become great.

Sex Tip #6: Feed Each Other

Trying having an all finger food dinner, which means there should be no eating utensils out on the dinner table. This is a sexy and intimate way to bring you both closer and there is simply something amazing about feeding your partner. You are able to have their lips touch your fingers; which sends an arousing sense throughout your entire body. After you are both done feeding one another continue to carter to one another in the bedroom.

Sex Tip #7: Love Your Body

This applies to both men and women; one you love your figure you will love becoming more intimate. If there is something you can improve by working out then do so. But the important thing is to remember you are attractive and deserve to have one hell of a sex life.

Sex Tip #8: Be Vocal

Who cares if your neighbor hears you being pleasured beyond belief. There is no shame in letting others and especially your partner know that you are having a great time being pleasured by them. This is attractive and arousing for the other person to know that they are doing a fantastic job in the bedroom.

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Sex Tip #9: Take Charge

Men absolutely love it when women take charge in the bedroom. Tie his hands up, pin him down, etc and then mount him and ride his cock till he bursts. This will excite him beyond belief. Men don’t forget to be a bit aggressive with your women in the bedroom as well. Women definitely dig a man who can show them who is boss when it comes to sex.

Sex Tip #10: Enjoy Every Moment

It seems that couples are rushing to the finish line instead of enjoying the scenery along the way. Take your time, slow it down and enjoy every moment of being pleasured. Isn’t that the point of sex? To enjoy oneself? Yes, it is! Explore each other bodies and take in all of the sensation you give one another.

There is no doubt that sex is amazing, but it seems that people lately have only been interested in getting themselves off instead of their partner. It’s a sad thing really, but you don’t have to act this way with your partner. Pleasure one another and get it on!