What Are Girls Looking For On Tinder?

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What Are Girls Looking For On Tinder?

Creating a Tinder profile can be just as nerve-racking for men as it is for women. How is a guy supposed to present himself to a woman he doesn’t know? Should he feature the brooding selfie that got him a lot of likes on Instagram, or the goofy picture that shows off his “fun side” instead? Even worse than picking a profile pic is trying to come up with a bio that presents an air of wittiness, intrigue, and confidence all in a few sentences.

So do you want to know how to get the ladies out there to swipe your profile right? Here’s what we girls are looking for on Tinder.

A Succinct Bio

The allure of Tinder is that it’s fast and simple: something you can scroll through while commuting on the subway or sitting in a waiting room. So it should go without saying that no girl wants to read a long, complicated life story. We’re looking for a short, easy-to-read bio that informs of the basics of your life. Briefly explain your job, your top three favorite hobbies, and a fun fact about yourself — you can go into further detail when you two actually meet up.

A Picture Of You On Your Own

When a girl comes across a profile of a guy posing with another woman in one or more of his photos, she’ll perceive his romantic status as either confusing or “complicated” – both of which are immediate turn-offs. On the other hand, a photo of you surrounded by 23 of your closest buds isn’t going to bring that girl

to think, “What an awesome social life!” Instead she’s going to ask her iPhone, “Um, who/what am I supposed to be looking at?” Stick with solo images to keep things as simple as possible.

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A Sense Of Humor

Humor can go a long way, especially when a girl is trying to judge someone based on only a few pictures and a short bio. If you can show off your own unique sense of humor in some way, go for it: include an amusing picture or a funny quote in your bio to make us smile. But remember: try too hard, and you’ll be repeatedly left-swiped into oblivion. If you’re not sure whether your joke is “hilarious” or offensive, err on the side of caution. Any lady will take a simple – even bland – dude over a wisecracking potential serial killer.

A Humble Attitude

It doesn’t matter how often you hit the gym – few females are impressed by headless mirror-pics of abs and arms. When we stumble upon such a shot, instead of thinking about how good-looking you are we’re more often thinking that you’re possibly good-looking, and most certainly a jerk. There are more inconspicuous ways to show off your body (if you so choose) than employing the mirror. For example, include a shot of yourself on vacation at the beach, or one in which your arms just happen to look extra beefy. Similarly, be careful about bragging too much in your bio! Most girls are going to roll their eyes if you merely list your achievements or string together egotistical remarks. Narcissism is another huge turn-off.

More Than One Photo

If you’ve only uploaded one photo, your Tinder profile is incomplete. One picture simply isn’t going to cut it for a girl who takes her right swipes seriously. Upload at least two or three to any dating or hookup app that you regularly use or you’ll come across as trying to hide something. No one likes a shadeball. (Well, maybe except for other shadeballs.)

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A Little Bit of Personality

Whether she’s drawn to his charm, humor, or passion, ladies want a guy with personality above all else. So if you love to fly fish, include a picture of yourself fishing in a boat. If you dance ballet, post a picture of yourself leaping in your unitard (just avoid close-ups). But don’t fake it – if you can’t stand animals, don’t Photoshop a pic of yourself cuddling with a kitten just to get attention. You’ll instantly regret it when she drops “Garfield” on your lap and incites a real-life panic attack. A false personality is worse than no personality at all.