Bonus Tips For Fuck Buddies

Ok so I wanted to throw some bonus tips in the mix for finding fuck buddies. I will split this section into 2 parts (Bonus Tips For Finding Fuck Buddies, and Bonus Tips For Once You Have Fuck Buddies).

Bonus Tips For Fuck Buddies

Bonus Tips For Finding Fuck Buddies

1) Setting up your fuck buddy profile:

– DON’T make yourself sound incredibly exciting if you are not. Of course all women want an exciting fuck buddy who lives a fast life. Yet if this is not the life you live, don’t make your profile come across as though you do. You may not even be able to get these bitches in bed before they move on to the next.

– DON’T say you have a 12″ cock if you don’t. A lot of these bitches want a big dick to break their back. If you can’t provide, don’t act as though you can. You don’t want some bitch clowning on you once the clothes come off and dipping out of your place!

– DO post accurate pictures. If you are 35, don’t post your senior picture! This is not an internet based meeting, you will at some point meet face to face, and you want to eliminate the things that could make them back out before you get them in bed.

2) Communicating with potential fuck buddies:

– Make MINIMAL conversation. They don’t want to hear your life story. Share a few somewhat exciting details about yourself, what you like to do, when/where you’d like to meet them to get to know each other better.

– Feed them alcohol! It is a good idea to go to a bar and/or restaurant for your first meeting. The point in this being it is a comfortable atmosphere and they server ALCOHOL! Alcohol definitely helps both of you get loose, be comfortable, and ease into FUCKING. Since at the end of the day this is what these meetings are based around in the first place.

Bonus Tips For Once You Have Found Fuck Buddies

This section will cover the “do’s and don’ts” that I found success with once I had snagged a few fuck buddies. While you don’t have to follow my tips to the T, it is suggested you keep them in mind.

DO have confidence
DO have good hygene
DO have a clean car/house

DO NOT get attached
DO NOT be a creep
DO NOT say I love you, call them “babe”, etc.

Now you have to remember, we are not focusing on “dating sites” here, we are focused on finding FUCK BUDDIES! Women who create a profile on these sites ARE NOT looking for a relationship, they just want to have some fun without the attachment! So when you start to grow feelings, get all attached, start saying I love you, etc these bitches will run for the hills. TRUST THAT! Of course there are certain situations where the both of you will feel the same and grow from there, but 90% of the time they just want some dick.

All women LOVE confidence. You MUST make them think (even if it is not factual) that you have women all over your nuts, that they are disposable, and that you are not a lovey dovey kinda guy. Have a few beers before your first meeting, get loose, and be comfortable. This is key.

While these bonus tips for fuck buddies cover the basics, you will have to adapt to each situation and ensure that it flows smoothly. Study my tips, setup your fuck buddy profiles, and embark on your journey of finding endless amounts of FREE pussy!

Please post any tips that you found useful in the comments sections so that other readers can have the same success! Cheers to getting out there and finding yourself some fuck buddies.