6 Sex Games To Get The Mood Going

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6 Sex Games To Get The Mood Going

There are times when you just don’t want go straight into having sex with your partner or a person of interest. You would like to play around with each other’s bodies for a bit. There are different forms of foreplay and one of those forms is participating in sex games. It all depends on what type of couple you are because there are sexy sex games and there are also raunchy sex games. The point of sex games is to get you aroused and get you in the mood for a night of being naughty. Below you will see a few different types of sex games and you will have to decide which type of sex games works best for you and your partner.

Sex game number one: Role Play

Role playing is the type of game where you and your partner will be able to act out as different people and this will help you fulfill certain types of sexual fantasies. You can either play a doctor and a nurse, a naughty school girl and a principal, a detective and a suspect or a horny housewife and a UPS delivery guy. Whatever you choose to be just make sure you have fun and you are comfortable.

Sex game number two: Naked Twister

Twister is a very well known game and in fact it is a classic game as well, but if you play it with a naked twist, then it becomes one hell of a sexual game. Think about it, what could be sexier than having naked bodies bent in all types of positions rubbing up against one another? Participates of this game even get a few licks in depending on what body part is near them to lick on.

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Sex game number three: Strip Poker

By now most people know how to play poker or they have an idea of how the game should be play, but if they don’t it is a fairly easy game to learn. If you’re going to be playing strip poker then there are obviously some changes to the game that is very different from regular poker. When a person loses a hand, which means loses a round of the game, they actually lose a piece of clothing article which they have to remove. The person who is completely nude has lost the entire naked poker game. After the game is done that is when the players actually begin having sex or the loser has to do a sexual act that the winner chooses for them.

Sex game number four: I Never

This game is about mentioning things that they have never done and what they believe someone else has done. So it starts with one person making a statement of something they have never done and all those who have done the statement are required to participate in some sort of punishment. This is a great game to play with just one other person or a group of people, if you are into orgies or group sex. The punishment has to be some sort of sexual activity and the person who turn it was is the one who decides what the punish will be.

Sex game number five: Sex Toys/ Swing

If you are able to offer a sew swing, then by all means purchase one. This would be great to have an amazing session of foreplay. If you cannot afford a sex swing, then you have plenty of other options. Some other entertaining objects for sex games are sex toys; which can range from handcuffs, blindfolds, dildos, cock rings, and vibrators.

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Sex game number six: Kinky Cards

For this sex game you don’t need to purchase any special products as you can use a regular deck of cards. What you have to do is assign each suit a different sexual meaning. For instance, spades can mean oral, clubs can mean a hand job or fingering, diamonds can mean sucking on the nipples and hearts can mean giving a hickey.

It is up to you to choose which sexual games you would like to play with your partner, fling or a group of people. You decide how raunchy and sexual your games are going to be, but keep in mind of all others you will be participating in the sex games. You definitely don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable during some of the games. These games are meant for you and anyone else willing to play to have a great time and have one interesting night of sexual fun.