6 Naughty Places To Have A Fling

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6 Naughty Places To Have A Fling

When you have been with the same person for a long time you tend to get bored with having sex on the bed, couch, kitchen, bathroom, etc. You want to be able to explore other areas to have a quickie at or what not. Unfortunately, there are some couples that think their sex life is great and don’t mind participating in the same style all of the time because they don’t realize that sex, just like other things, need to have a bit of variation every once in awhile. This also goes for people who just want to get down and dirty in different places with their flings.

If you are a couple who is longing to bring back the passion and excitement of love making or a single person who is looking to make their sex life all that more exciting, then you need to get involved with a few naughty places to sex at.

Have sex in a public place.

There is something absolutely daring, risky and yet, truly exciting about having sex in an area that is very public. It’s a sexual experience unlike any other because you run the risk of getting caught by complete strangers. If you are on a vacation, then you should have sex right there on your balcony and let the whole world see what you are working with. Don’t be ashamed to try out new positions and through in some old ones just because having sex in public will change the way you experience any sex position.

Have sex at a friend’s house.

You and your sex partner are staying over your friend’s house or at some point your friend leaves their home to go buy some food or drinks. This is the perfect time to drop your pants and get it on doggystyle style right there on the floor. All you really have time for is a quickie and let me tell you that is going to be one of the hottest quickies that you will ever have. Just the thought of your friend coming back and possibly catching you having sex right there on their floor or couch is scary, but so damn thrilling and arousing.

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Have sex in the beach water.

Lets say you and your fling wanted to enjoy a day out on the beach. You can definitely have some fun in the water when it comes to sex. All you have to do is swim out till you are at shoulder length of water. It’s very easy to push to the side a woman’s bathing suit and then go to town right there. No one can really tell if two people are engaging in sex while they are swimming at the beach. It can easily just look like two people are simply holding onto each other while they just float in the water. Having sex in the water is totally amazing and is not like anything that you’ve experienced before.

Have sex in a type of transportation vehicle or plane.

Usually people tend to think of teenagers as the only ones having sex in a car, but that’s not true at all. Most adults still have sex in a car or on top of a car. They are hanging out with their fling and things get intense, so they pull over on the side of the road just to get on top of the hood and screw. It’s risky, arousing and simply naughty.

There are even people who are on a Greyhound bus overnight and get it on right there in the back seats even with the bus filled with people. Usually they do it once more bus riders are sleeping, but even with that being said you and your fling run the risk of having someone hear you or see you; and that is the best part. For those who are total risk takers, they enjoy getting it on with either a fling, stranger or their partner on an airplane. They are usually in either first class or sitting at the back of the airplane.

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Have sex outdoors.

Are you thinking about taking a road trip? Or are you just on a hiking path with someone you are interested in having sex with? Well, what better time to get it on than right there in the good old outdoors. This is the perfect place to have a risky sex session as you are unaware if people are going to walk by or some creature of nature is going to pop out of the woods and head your way. Either way it’s a fun risk that you can take on.

Have sex at a party.

Lets say you are at a party and you are dancing raunchy with someone you just met. You already know that you don’t want to take this person home with you, so why not get those sweaty horny bodies into the bathroom or the parking lot of the party. You have already been rubbing up against each other the entire night and you know that you both are horny and ready just to have crazy, wild sex. Let loose and go with the flow. Find the perfect spot to get it in and then go about the rest of your night.