5 Ways To Tell If She’s A Tease

So you are all into a chick and then you began noticing that she really doesn’t want anything more, than what you guys got going on. What do you do? Do you keep playing games with her to see if she changes her mind? Or do you drop it all and go find someone else? There is no point in wasting your time if she is not willing to take things a step further. Do you know that there are tons of other girls out there that are looking for the same things as you are? Well, now you know and now you will know not to waste your time any longer.

5 Ways To Tell She’s A Tease:

1. She doesn’t even open up about her personal life to you at all. You pretty much know nothing about her.

2. She only talks about what is going on at the moment. She doesn’t give you any insight of what she wants from you.

3. She has way too many guys calling her on any given time. She always picks up and tells them that she will call them back later. What is she hiding from you?

4. She has no or very little friends that are females.

5. She never says how attractive looking you are or comments on how you are dressed.

These are just some of the signs and you can bet there are a bunch more. If you notice that any of this is going on you could either talk to her about it or simply move on. If you talk to her about it she might give you a bunch of excuses just to keep you around. Don’t fall into none of the crap. If you got a girl already and she is acting a bit shady, then read about the 4 Ways To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Going To Dump You.