5 People You Shouldn’t Hook Up With During The Holidays

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5 People You Shouldn't Hook Up With During The Holidays

The Holiday season always puts people in a jolly mood and for some in a loving mood as well. Most people travel back home to where they grew up for the holidays or stay where they live and enjoy the time there. What happens if you are feeling lonely around this time of the year? Do you run back to an old boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you hook up with a stranger? Well, those ideas might sound great at the moment, but they are really bad ideas.

5 People You Shouldn’t Hook Up With During The Holidays:

  1. Your Old Boyfriend or Girlfriend. This a huge mistake and one move that you will most definitely regret. They are your ex for a reason and the only time you should move backwards is if you are going to get back together.
  2. Your Best Friend. Just because you are close to this person on a friendship level this does not mean that you can sleep with this person and go back to your every day normal life. It just doesn’t work out that way. Sleeping with a best friend can be extremely disastrous and will most likely damage whatever friendship you might had before you slept with each other.
  3. Random Stranger. This is honestly never a good idea. Just because you don’t know this person and you don’t know their sexual history. Plus, what if this person turns out to be a long lost cousin of yours? Gross!
  4. Step Brothers, Sisters, or Cousins. Just because they are not blood cousins doesn’t make it okay to jump in the sack with after a few drinks. You probably grew up with them as family, and normal people do not have sex with their own family.
  5. Your Friend’s Partner. Sure, your friend might have gone out of town to visit family members leaving a partner behind for whatever reason. This doesn’t give you the opportunity to keep this person company because you don’t have anyone to give you some loving. Don’t blame the alcohol if something goes down and you get caught.
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Just remember not to feel lonely during the holiday season even though it might seem hard not too. Surround yourself with good (not sexually attracted to) friends and family members that you know you will always have a good time with. If you really need some loving try purchasing the LELO Wireless Remote Control Sex Toy.